Play Factory

Design for research

Design: Isao Hosoe with Lorenzo de Bartolomeis and Masaya Hashimoto

Producer: Gruppo Loccioni, Italy, 2008

Awards and recognitions: Selection ADI design index 2011


It is while playing that human being expresses his intelligence at best.

Isao Hosoe

Play Factory was born from the collaboration between Isao Hosoe and Loccioni, with the idea of promoting and diffusing a new working culture. Play Factory is research, design, communication, training; it is the company thinking through the spaces and the moments of the game in terms of creativity, innovation, growth.

Play Factory is not hierarchical, but has an horizontal matrix organization, within which each one can grow by means of merit and passion. It bridges different generations, cultures, businesses, with the common goal to improve the quality of life in a responsible and sustainable way.