PH 5000 L

Design: Isao Hosoe with Francesco Pozzato

Company: Sacmi Imola, Italy, 2006

Awards and recognitions: A.D.I. Design Index 2007



The new PH 5000 L press is characterised by its strong iconic form, simplicity, and immediately comprehensible sensory feedback. When the press is working regularly, its ‘eye’ illuminates with green light and follows the rhythms of its operation, like a great calm and sure breath. In the case of a press malfunction, the ‘eye’ immediately changes to a constant red color, thus modifying its blinking rhythm, from wide to locked.

The simplicity and immediacy of such visual communication, means that operation is intuitive and user friendly; a rarity amongst industrial equipment of such a scale.  This is by virtue of the fact that much importance was placed on the object’s semantics during its inception phase. The service pipeage was optimised and their design regularised.

The great glass-reinforced plastic wings, apart from being an iconic detail of all members the “Imola Series” line, hides the press’s service elements from the user during normal operations.