Office lamp

Design: Isao Hosoe with Peter Solomon

Production: Leucos Srl, Italy, 2001

Awards and recognitions: A.D.I. Design Index 2002,  Competition “Lights of the Future” 2002, Germany, Good Design Award, USA, Winner of ADI Compasso D’Oro XX, 2004


Light is a wave, and Onda is a form of light that designs and illuminates not the object but rather the function it carries out. An upward and downward linear journey, it softly marks the rhythm of shade and lights as if it were a sound wave designing a melody.

The sail covering the tube, substracting it from its industrial nudity, can be combined with others in a long pattern and while it reflects the light it receives from above or below, it is also crossed by it. It therefore gives fluidity to the dialogue between these sweet and delicate waves.