Interactive office system

Design: Isao Hosoe with Elisabeth Vidal and Maria Emilia Racciatti
Production: Steelcase, France, 2003
Awards and recognitions: A.D.I. Design Index 2003


The interAct system is the son of the human behaviour and everyday life in the office. It’s a dynamic working space, flexible and transformable, so it can easily be adapted in different environments.
Interaction is the keyword of this system. Interaction between colleagues, with technologies and their own workspace.
The working rhythms are clearly separate in the phase of concentration, need for isolation  and phases of communication, brainstorming but also friendly conversation. Phases that change very quickly.
For all these tasks, the small column is the heart of the system. Moving on a track, thanks to a simple gesture of the user, it remains stable on its new position. It’s also possible to slot on containers, small dividers but also a LCD monitor or electric connections.
Furthermore, the wings of the butterfly, colourful and very light, cover the needs of the user for concentration and privacy.