Design system

Design process for the design of measurement and quality control solutions and instruments

Designer: Isao Hosoe and Lorenzo De Bartolomeis

Producer: Gruppo Loccioni, Italy 2012

Awards and recognitions: ADI Design Index 2013 selection


Design System is a design process that defines a design mode useful to teamworks that every day study, design and implement unique solutions for the measurement and control of the quality of products, materials and components.

The design process was focused on the study of the relationship between man, machine and work environment from the conception phase to the use of the system.

A multidisciplinary team composed of users, engineers and designers, through a series of laboratories, brainstorming and prototypes in the field, has identified the best desirable, sustainable and repeatable solutions. Seven work modules were identified, open to be interpreted and used according to the solutions to be designed. The modules are: roundness, modularity, interaction, communication, meeting, density and sustainability.

The result is a more dynamic work environment in which interaction and communication are facilitated, where the relationship between man and machine is friendly. Design System is an open and constantly changing project.