Production line for porcelanized stoneware tiles

Design: Isao Hosoe with Lorenzo De Bartolomeis

Production: Sacmi Imola, Italy, 2007


The new line Continua has been designed taking into account the proxemics and perceptive relationship between man and machine. Through a multi-sensorial system, called GranPavese, it is possible to get an immediate and global knowledge of the functioning of the whole 100 meters’ line. Both a sound and light system are associated to each machine, communicating position and condition.

GranPavese is a light bridge which lights up more or less intensively, according to the presence of the user; it guarantees a careful sight at the production state and safety for operators.

The shape and color of the panels underline the continuity of the flow of material through the production process. Meanwhile they hide and protect mechanical elements.

Along the Continua line there are several technological equipments of great importance for their shape and function. Among them, the Imola series press is the heart of the whole system, beating the functioning with its pulsing light.

The attention to work activities and man presence in the production context are the main issues thad led to the design of a friendly interface and a visual-sound communication system which is simple and pleasant.