Industrial switches system

Design: Isao Hosoe with Philippe Casens and Francesco Pozzato

Production: Palazzoli, Italy, 2005

Awards and recognitions: ADI Design Index, 2006, Italy- Good Design Award, 2005, U.S.A.



CAM-ST is an industrial switch system born from one vision of the future.  An ideal vision, in which the objects for the industry, usually disregarded from the design perspective, become comprehensible, easy to use and, why not, aesthetically interesting.

The planning has been particularly careful to the tacit and explicit demands of the user.  The grip handle answers to ergonomic principles that concur in an easy and spontaneous action also from hands protected by work gloves.

This line of industrial switches is characterised by a transparent body that let all the command options be visible. This is the answer to a necessity of control manifested by users.