Bio table IV

Nomad work station

Design: Isao Hosoe with Masaya Hashimoto
Production: Itoki, Japan, 2005
Awards and recognitions: Good design awards, Japan, 2005.


Since its debut in 1988, the bio table line has increased its family to type II and type III and last but not least, type IV, with functions of folding tabletop and height adjustment, suitable for conference rooms and meetings.

With and organic shape of tabletop, that enables to keep and appropriate distance among each person, and by combining the triangular module extending horizontally with various table heights, this table meets with any communication style.

The table can create flexible, best suitable work and communication environment for the small and the big meetings, standing and sitting works, mobile and collaboration works and so on.
With the height adjustment function and by combining any number of the triangular module to form an organic shape of the surface, bio table iv is suitable for personal work, group work, communication and collaboration work.

The shape can be easily modified and the folding function enables an easy moving and needs less space for storing, leaving necessary workspace in the office.