Workbenches’ line for common rail diesel injectors testing

Design: Isao Hosoe with Lorenzo De Bartolomeis

Producer: AEA – Gruppo Loccioni, Italy, 2007


Workbenches’ line Automotive is based on the intuition of a possible affinity between kitchen’s countertops and those for measure and control of common rail injectors. Therefore, Automotive is structured as a kitchen island, providing three interface levels, from bottom to top: hydraulic, operative and electric.

The lower part of the workbench, the hydraulic interface, is provided with sliding systems for components’ extraction, to ease maintenance and tank’s supply.

The operative interface offers a wide countertop surface, an adjustable touch screen panel, and an interactive kanban. Tracking and control tools are protected by transparent surfaces, in order to improve visibility and lightness to the work environment. Access doors for injector’s positioning slide vertically, unchanging work area, and avoiding any encumbrance.

The upper part (electric interface) can move vertically, to facilitate maintenance and transport. An integrated lighting system informs about machine functioning, through a communication based on colors, improving all environment’s safety.

The result is a more dynamic work environment, where interactions and communication are easier and the relationship between man and machine is friendly.