Data service in hospitals

Design: Isao Hosoe and Lorenzo de Bartolomeis

Producer: Gruppo Loccioni, Italia, 2011

Awards and recognitions: ADI design index selection 2011


Agorà – a service that monitors hospital care processes in real time and makes information available to healthcare professionals – has a data center designed for safety (personal data, images and repository of clinical data are protected within dedicated areas and in continuous backup), energy efficiency (the curvature of the panels helps to optimize the air flows necessary for cooling, improving its efficiency, while a free-cooling system guarantees maximum savings in energy consumption) and ease of maintenance (IT and telematic equipment are concentrated in a single room, making any interventions timely and effective).

The wireless network decouples clinical data for health professionals from free access to the network by patients. The service provides the ability to work safely on medical records through low-cost devices and low computing capacity such as iPads, tablets, thinclient. Healthcare professionals can exchange clinical data, communicate with departments and perform multiple operations.