Store furniture

Design: Marco Gaudenzi e Isao Hosoe with Lorenzo Palmeri, Francesco Pozzato, Diego Gomez and Eleni Papaoiannou

Production: Arthema, Italy, 2008

Awards and recognitions: Good Design Award 2008


Revolution is a high level performance store furniture based on transparency, and movement. It moves with agility in the space, revolves and it’s able to create a broad range of self-standing set-ups and can be extended to the walls.

The vertical elements are supported by “carrot”- the secret and surprising element responsible of every movement of the system. The glass wall is crossed by two narrow cuts which contain the second heart of the structure – the invisible rack. The rack constitutes a new method of double face coupling for shelves hidden by the thickness of the panel.

As a matter of fact every type of service can be assembled simultaneously, at the same height, and at the same point, onto the two faces of the revolution system.