Design: Alberto Rosselli with Isao Hosoe

Production: Carrozzeria Orlandi, Italy, 1970

Awards and recognitions: A.D.I. Compasso D’Oro X, Italy, 1970

Meteor, after a long pause, represents one of the first attempts to improve the quality of design and comfort for passengers, as far as buses for long distance are concerned.

First, external shape has been simplified, avoiding a series of details. Then, design work has been centered on interiors, getting exceptional results. Main attention has been given to the rear part, which is usually considered less comfortable to travel, because of noises and vibrations. Therefore, the comfort of this area has been improved, lowering the floor level and raising the height of the ceiling, offering a wide visibility angle and a feeling of openness for whom is sitting in the rear part of the bus.

Moreover, sunlight entrance is helped along through a wide window on the roof, that avoids the typical claustrophobic “tunnel effect”, that bus passengers suffer quite frequently, especially after many hours in such a small space.