Express coffee maker

Design: Isao Hosoe with Sam Ribet

Producer: Serafino Zani, Italy, 1993

Awards and recognitions: Red Dot Award-Design innovation 1995, Good Design Award 1995, Chicago Athenaeum Design permanent collection, Chicago, 1995, Triennale Design Museum Collection, Milan 2010


The boiling water rises slowly, meets the magic threshold and passes through it to become coffee.

The magical transformation of water into coffee inside a coffee maker inspired me to add to this purely physical process a symbolic, ritualistic sense.

The two identical cones are connected symmetrically by a long Greek column. The column acts, both semantically and functionally as a passage in which the water must pass from the lower cone to arrive as coffee in the upper cone.

Mach comes in two sizes and various finishes, classic bronze, or coloured.