Sanitary ware collection

Design: Isao Hosoe with Masaya Hashimoto and Elena Rescali

Production: Kale, Italy, 2011

Awards and recognitions: Unicera 2011, Istanbul, Turkey


The non-Euclidean geometry of Russian mathematician Lobacevskij, who lived in the 19th century, is deeply fascinating and even nowadays remains a source of great inspiration.

Dynamic figures, unusual shapes, have been closed into rigid Cartesian frames; but this is not enough: the power of this geometric language releases its energy.

The result is a unique and original design for a collection of ceramic sanitary ware and bathroom furniture. Even though the strong profiles of its lines are eye-catching at first sight, the Light+Lobacevskij collection allows the user to feel relaxed and cuddled by its comfortable elegance, removing all doubts.

A careful analysis  of needs, habits and behaviours of users in their intimacy, was the starting point for the design of this collection, meanwhile offering the pleasure of an original and luxurious atmosphere.