Light + Miura

Ceramic tile

Design: Isao Hosoe

Production: Kale, Turkey, 2011



The new Light + Miura collection revolutionises the common idea of a two-dimensional tile. Designed from the real practice of ancient art of origami, the tile is not just three-dimensional, as far as the volume is concerned, but it also drives us to the perception of a fourth dimension: the dimension of light.

Ridges and valleys decorating the surface, create unexpected light and shadows effects. The result changes according to the orientation of the tiles and the position of the light source. Sunlight will design several effects during daytime and a completely different appearance could be obtained through artificial light.

The pattern is that of Miura Ori, a special folding by Japanese scientist Koryo Miura, yet applied in most different fields, from space solar panels to the intricate map of Venice.