Apoteca Chemo

Automation system for hospital pharmacy

Design: Isao Hosoe and Lorenzo De Bartolomeis

Production: Gruppo Loccioni, Italy, 2009.


Apoteca Chemo is an automated system for the preparation of intravenous chemotherapeutic drugs.

The space of medical research, among the various types of workplaces, undoubtedly occupies a position of particular complexity, characterized by fast rhythms and an extreme need for attention and precision. For this reason, the Apoteca Chemo project is founded on the recognition of an exact economy of gestures.

The nomadic positions delimit a circular space in which the work becomes almost a choreography, a sort of dance that puts the operator and the machine in a virtuous relationship. The interface of each station responds to a criteria of immediacy and spontaneity, the result of a profound observation of the tacit and explicit behaviour of the operators.

Apoteca Chemo is a product that brings a breath of lightness in an environment dominated by seriousness; lightness that is the daughter of the noble propensity to play that characterises human beings and that should not be confused with negligence. Apoteca is an analog based system (gesture, behaviour), which also has a large digital heart located in the hardware and software solutions created by the partnership between Loccioni Human Care and the Alfa site of the hospital in Ancona.